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As of late, most of my freelance communications work has been done for higher ed-related companies, and has involved writing instructor's guides, exam questions, and the like. I have also done some copywriting here and there. Unfortunately, I cannot show you examples of that material here. By contrast, I started out my post-collegiate years as a newspaper reporter, however, and have continued to do some freelance work over time. Even while in graduate school, I wrote columns on politics in Mississippi and local affairs in Tuscaloosa AL for weekly publications. Thankfully, it is fine to show examples of this work. 

More work will be added over time, but the links below lead to some of my better and more recent writing, as well as a chapter from an unpublished past work that I am working on turning into an e-book.  


Portico Jackson 1: Economic Development

Portico Jackson 2: Education

Huffington Post 2010 Midterms Coverage: Louisiana 2nd District

Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman": Recording & Aftermath