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portico jackson: economic development

About a year after moving back to my home state of Mississippi from New Orleans, I was asked to write two stories and take photos for the 2011 Jackson Issue of Portico Jackson magazine, a publication out of the capital city, which I still call home now. This issue was published in cooperation with Downtown Jackson Partners, which handles economic development for the Downtown Jackson Business Improvement District. The features included this one, on business and retail development, and its intersection with neighborhood or community development, in the city, along with another feature on education. A photo from the first feature, of Downtown Jackson as taken from a unique, eastern-looking perspective, made the front cover of Jackson Issue the following year.

Even though Portico published this piece some time ago, I still choose to include it here because it provides an excellent example of how I can write about government or public affairs matters for a non-academic, or more general, audience. I also have no other such examples of my writing being used in tandem with my photography, which I had engaged in as a print journalist earlier but had not been as into until the past decade or so. In any case, on to the feature: 


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